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City University of London

Legacy of Mata Hari: Women & Transgression – London, UK

City University of London presents The Legacy of Mata Hari: Women and Transgression Oct. 28, 2017. the organizers invite proposals for 20-minute papers or for conference panels. Proposals are due…

Contentious Claims: Negotiating Ownership in Law and Culture – Osnabrück, Germany

Osnabrück University will host the seventh annual Osnabrück Summer Institute on the Cultural Study of Law, “Contentious Claims – Negotiating Ownership in Law and Culture,” in Osnabrück, Germany on Aug. 6-13, 2017….

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law

Kent Summer School in Critical Theory – Paris, France

Kent Law School will run its annual Kent Summer School in Critical Theory from June 26 – July 7, 2017 in Paris, France. Attendees will attend a two-week seminar hosted by either…

CFP: Redesigning Justice – Oxford, England

The Howard League for Penal Reform invites papers for its upcoming conference, “Redesigning Justice: Promoting Civil Rights, Trust and Fairness,” in Keble College, Oxford, on Mar. 21-22, 2018. Those wishing to submit a…

CFP: Feminist Reflections on Law, Society, and Care – Manchester, England

The event, “Feminist Reflections on Law, Society, and Care,” invites contributions for its upcoming conference, which will be held on July 21, 2017 in Manchester, England. Submissions can consist of a Panel Session…

University of Idaho

Call for Papers: The Idaho Critical Legal Studies Journal (ICLSJ)

The Idaho Critical Legal Studies Journal (ICLSJ) invites submissions Critical legal studies encompasses any theory that challenges or overturns acceptable norms or standards in legal theories and practices. The selected…

St Mary's University Twickenham London

Graphic Justice Discussions 2017 – London, England

St. Mary’s University hosts Graphic Justice Discussions 2017: An Annual Conference on Law, Comics, and Justice on July 4-5, 2017. The intersections of comics and legality represent a burgeoning area…

Conference: The Changing Face of the War on Drugs – Detroit, MI

The Wayne Law Review at Wayne State University Law School will host its 2016-17 symposium, “The Changing Face of the War on Drugs: Mass Incarceration, Overcriminalization, and Evolving Drug Policy,” on…

Transgender Studies Quarterly

CFP: Trans-in-Asia, Asia-in-Trans

Transgender Studies Quarterly (TSQ) invites submissions for a special issue, Trans-in-Asia, Asia-in-Trans. Complete submissions are due June 1, 2017.

University of Newcastle Australia

Evidence Based Law & Practice – Callaghan, NSW, Australia

The University of Newcastle Australia Law School presents a symposium, Evidence Based Law and Practice,  May 22, 2017. Abstracts are due Feb. 17, 2017. Being evidence-based means that law-and policy-making,…