Virtual Book Talk: Disability, Health, Law, and Bioethics

Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology and Bioethics at Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School The Petrie-Flom Center’s new book, Disability, Health, Law, and Bioethics (Cambridge University Press, April 2020) seeks to understand how our framing of disability influences medical and legal policies such as resource allocation. To mark the launch of the volume and to reflect the COVID-19 health care landscape, the center has gathered several of the authors along with a respondent to explore the question of ventilator allocation in regard to people living with disabilities. The panel will consider how our framing of disability influences triaging choices and how we can best ensure the ethical and non-discriminatory distribution of limited, life-saving resources. 


  • Introduction: I. Glenn Cohen, co-editor of Disability, Health, Law, and Bioethics; James A. Attwood and Leslie Williams Professor of Law, Harvard Law School and Faculty Director, Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School 
  • Leslie Francis, chapter author; Alfred C. Emery Endowed Professor and Distinguished Professor in the College of Law, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, and Adjunct Professor in Family and Preventive Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Political Science at the University of Utah  
  • Omar Sultan Haquechapter author; faculty member in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine and the Program in Psychiatry and the Law, Harvard Medical School and Co-Director, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, American Unit 
  • Govind Persad, chapter author; Assistant Professor, Sturm College of Law, University of Denver, and Greenwall Foundation Faculty Scholar in Bioethics 
  • Respondent: Ari Ne’eman, PhD Student in Health Policy, Harvard University, and founder, Autistic Self Advocacy Network 
  • Moderator: Michael Ashley Steinco-editor and chapter author; co-founder and Executive Director, Harvard Law School Project on Disability and Visiting Professor, Harvard Law School 

This is event is free and open to the public. Register here.