CFP: Legal Resilience in an Era of Hybrid Threats – Exeter, England


The University of Exeter invites papers for the upcoming conference Legal Resilience in an Era of Hybrid Threats April 8-10, 2019.

Proposals addressing the following questions and themes are particularly welcome, as are inter-disciplinary, theoretical and case-study based approaches:
• What is legal resilience? What is its potential as an analytical concept and as a policy framework? What are its potential shortcomings? What are the key elements of legal resilience and what does it mean for a legal system to be resilient? How do we measure legal resilience?
• How can the international legal system be rendered more resilient in the light of contemporary threats and challenges to the rule of law? What role can legal resilience play in strengthening a rules-based international order?
• What legal challenges do gray zone conflict, hybrid threats and hybrid warfare present to individual States, international organizations and the international legal system, and how should we categorize these challenges? What contemporary or historical incidents and case-studies best illustrate the legal dynamics involved? What specific challenges do influence operations and other indirect forms of intervention or aggression present?
• Are there alternative perspectives that better explain the instrumentalization of law in international relations? What is the explanatory potential of lawfare in this context? How does it relate to the legal dynamics of gray zone conflict, hybrid threats and hybrid warfare?
• How should States and international organizations respond to the legal challenges presented by gray zone conflict, hybrid threats, hybrid warfare and lawfare? What is counter-lawfare and what legal and ethical questions does it raise? How could the concept of legal resilience be operationalized in this context?

Deadline: Proposals for papers should be submitted electronically by the end of November 30, 2018, to ecil[@] Proposals should contain the name and contact details of the author, the title of the paper to be presented and an abstract not exceeding 600 words. Authors should also attach a brief CV.

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Reference Librarian, Moritz College of Law, The Ohio State University