Upcoming Conference: Vulnerability and the Social Reproduction of Resilient Societies—Atlanta, GA

Emory Law

The Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, Georgia will host a conference titled “Vulnerability and the Social Reproduction of Resilient Societies” on May 29–31, 2018. Sponsored by the Vulnerability and the Human Condition Initiative, the Center for Reproductive Health Research in the SouthEast, and the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence at Emory University,

[t]he conference will consider the way our laws, norms, values, and policies shape societal institutions and social relationships, and ultimately function to reproduce society as a whole. We are interested in exploring how the reproduction of society itself rests upon the perpetuation of interlocking institutions and relationships between individuals, social institutions, and the state. We hope that by foregrounding the development and continued operation of these relationships, we may rethink fundamental questions of law and policy and toward the goal of creating resilient societies.


To register, please see the conference website.

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