CFP: Representations of Law, Justice & the Subject in Engrenages

International Journal for the Semiotics of Law

The International Journal for the Semiotics of Law invites papers for a forthcoming special issue, Representations of Law, Justice and the Subject in Engrenages. Abstracts are due by June 30, 2017.

The special issue will be devoted to exploring legal themes, representations, and images in the French television series Engrenages (known to English speaking audiences as ‘Spiral’).

We therefore invite proposals for papers exploring themes including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Portrayal of the relationships between branches of the justice system in Engrenages and/or how these are symbolized by relationships between the characters;
  • Portrayals of norm-transgression (which might include crime, corruption, and/or non-legal transgressions—e.g. of roles, or norms of expected behaviour);
  • Portrayals of violence;
  • Imagery/discourses of the human body (living and/or dead);
  • Interpretations of gender and/or sexuality;
  • Representations of ethnicity, race, and/or migrants;
  • Representations of sex work/sex workers.

About the author

Reference librarian, University of Washington School of Law