Call for Proposals: Open-Submission Programs 2016 AALS Meeting–New York, NY

American Association of Law Schools AALS

The Program Committee for the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools is requesting proposals for open-submission programs for the 2016 Annual Meeting to be held in New York City on January 6-9, 2016.

There will be five types of open-submission programs for the 2016 Annual Meeting:

  • Crosscutting programs focus on multi-subject and interdisciplinary topics that transcend any one legal field and offer new perspectives on legal issues or the profession.
  • [New] Discussion Group programs are sessions that provide a setting for less formal discussion of topics among a larger group of participants.
  • [New] Academy programs are open-submission programs that do not fit into any of the other four categories. Have an idea for a great program that does not fit into any of the other categories? Submit a proposal for an academy program.
  • Symposium programs are full- or half-day sessions that focus on in-depth scholarly exploration of a topic of academic interest.
  • Hot Topic programs focus on topics that emerged too late to be included in other types of programs.

Proposals for Crosscutting, Discussion Group, and Academy programs are due April 13, 2015. Proposals for Symposium programs are due May 12, 2015. Proposals for Hot Topic programs are due October 5, 2015.

Please visit the Call for Proposals website and view the 2016 AALS Request for Proposals Open Submissions.

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