Conference on Principles of the Law of Liability Insurance – Camden, NJ

Rutgers School of Law Camden

The Rutgers Center for Risk and Responsibility will host a conference on The American Law Institute‘s Principles of the Law of Liability Insurance. The conference will be held Friday, February 27, 2015, at Rutgers Law School1Camden.

The Principles project aims, as Director Lance Liebman wrote, to draft “coherent doctrinal statements based largely on current state law, but also grounded in economic efficiency and in fairness to both insureds and insurers.” The ALI has approved Chapter 1, Basic Liability Insurance Contract Principles, and Chapter 2, Management of Potentially Insured Liability Claims. The project has sparked spirited debate, and this is an appropriate time to assess the work yet still early enough to influence the project. The conference will focus on issues raised in Chapters 1 and 2.

The Rutgers Law Journal may publish the papers from the conference.

Participation is invited from a broad range of scholars with interests relevant to in these topics. Submit abstracts by August 15, 2014, to Jay Feinman at feinman[@] Papers will be due January 5, 2015. im