Global Governance: Critical Legal Perspectives Liber Amicorum David M. Trubek – Florence, Italy

The European University Institute presents an event that

explores the emergence of a global critical discourse on law and its application to global governance. As law becomes ever more implicated in global governance and as processes related to and driven by globalization transform legal systems at all levels, it is important that critical traditions in law adapt to the changing legal order and problématique. The conference will bring together critical scholars from the EU, North and South America to explore the forms of law that are emerging in the global governance context, the processes and legal roles that have developed, and the critical discourses that have been formed.

Dates: June 28-30, 2012

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Professor David Trubek is a central figure in critical legal scholarship of the 20th century and the new millennium. He has sought to develop an approach that combines critique of conventional legal discourse with a progressive agenda. A central feature of his work has been fostering the migration of critical discourse to the new legal spaces being created by globalization. The span of his enquiries has been global: from US-focused scholarship, to (what are now known as) BRICS especially Brazil, and beyond BRICS to the EU as well as to transnational and international institutions, networks and social movements. The focus of his enquiries has been developing new strands of critical legal scholarship. His work has made major contributions to the development of Law and Society scholarship, especially the use of empirical work for progressive legal ends (‘critical empiricism’), legal pluralism, the sociology of law and the legal profession, the Critical Legal Studies movement, critical perspectives on law and development (most recently, Law and the New Developmental State) and New Governance. Not only has he helped develop these strands of scholarship: he has looked for ways they could be integrated to form a discourse that would combine critique and reconstruction in the best traditions of Pragmatism and American Legal Realism.

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This workshop brings together scholars who have accompanied Dave on some part of these many academic adventures. Its aim is to reflect on the development of critical legal perspectives and chart, assess and shape changing patterns and locations of global governance.