April 28, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Bar Ilan

Sagit Leviner (Bar Ilan Law), A New Era of Tax Enforcement – From “Big Stick” to Responsive Regulation

Columbia Law & Economics

Bill Wilhelm (Virginia Law)

Georgetown Law & Philosophy

Margaret Gilbert (Connecticut Philosophy), Scanlon on Promissory Obligation & A Theory of Political Obligation Chapter 2 & 7


Frank Michelman (Harvard Law), Socioeconomic Rights in Constitutional Law: Explaining America Away

UC Berkeley

Richard Abel (UCLA Law), The Defense of Legality in post-9/11 America

UC Berkeley Law & Economics

Hon. Guido Calabresi (U.S. Court of Appeals), Toward a Unified Theory of Torts 

USC Law, Economics, & Organization

Kevin Quinn (Harvard Government), Viewpoint Diversity and Media Consolidation: An Empirical Study of National Newspapers