April 3, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Boston University

Scott Moss (Colorado Law), O Brave New World That Has Such Creatures Evidence: An Economic Analysis Of Courts’ Misguided Rules On Discovery Of Digital Evidence

Boston College Legal History

Paul Halliday (Virginia History), The Liberty of the Subject: Conceiving Habeas Corpus in England and Empire


Nestor Davidson (Colorado Law), Standardization and Pluralism in Property Law


Tsilly Dagan (Bar-Ilan Law), Taxing the Non-Market Economy


Elizabeth Warren (Harvard Law), Making Credit Safer


Jessica Stern (Harvard Law), Producing Terror: Organization Dynamics of Survival

Harvard Legal History

Dalia Tsuk Mitchell (George Washington Law), Corporate Directors: Trustees, Representatives, Agents


Sonia Katyal (Fordham Law)

Michigan Law & Economics

Fernando Gomez (Barcelona Law), Insurance and Tort: Coordination Systems and Imperfect Liability Rules

Minnesota Faculty Works

Geoffrey Miller (NYU Law), Law Economics and Narrative in the Hebrew Bible

NYU Tax Policy & Public Finance

Jonathan Barry Forman (Oklahoma Law), Making America Work & 2008 Tax Considerations in a Universal Pension System

Northwestern Tax

David Duff (Toronto Law), Rethinking the Concept of Income in Tax Law & Policy


Ha-Joon Chang (Cambridge Economics), Bad Samaritans — The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism


Sionaidh Douglas-Scott (King’s College Law), The EU and Terrorism

Stanford Law & Economics

Yair Listokin (Yale Law), Does Shareholder Voting Maximize Stock Market Value?


Jason Gillmer (Texas Wesleyan Law), Base Wretches and Black Wenches: A Story of Sex and Race, Violence and Compassion, During Slavery Times


Calvin Johnson (Texas Law), Consumption Tax for Extraordinary Returns


Ilhyung Lee (Missouri Law), Korean Parties and Korean Panelists in UDRP Decisions (and the ‘Bad Faith’ Dilemma)

Yale Legal Theory

Robert Frank (Cornell Management), The Status of Moral Emotions in Consequentialist Moral Reasoning