March 12, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Brant Lee (Akron Law), Whiteness as Brand Management

Chicago-Kent Legal History

Mark Graber (Maryland Politics), John Brown, Abraham Lincoln, Dred Scott and the Problem of Constitutional Evil


Michael Jacobson (Vera Institute of Justice)

Michigan Tax Policy

Mitchell Kane (Virginia Law), Bootstraps, Poverty Traps, and Poverty Pits: Tax Treaties as Novel Tools for Development Finance

NYU Legal History

Christopher Beauchamp (Samuel Golieb Fellow, NYU Law), Technology’s Trials: Patents in the United States Courts, 1860-1910

Oregon Environmental & Natural Resources Law

William Rossi (Oregon English) & Molly Westling (Oregon English), Reading, Rhetoric, and Climate


David Wilkins (Harvard Law), Toward a Joint Venture Model of Attorney/Client Relationship Between Corporations and their Outside Counsel

Toronto Tax Lax & Policy

Jacques Sasseville (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), Tax Treaties: Better the Devil We Know?

UCLA Williams Institute

Devon Carbado (UCLA Law), Acting White: What’s Sexual Orientation Got to Do With it?

USC Law, History, and Culture

Nan Goodman (Colorado English), Banishment and Jurisdictional Indentity in Seventeenth-Century New England


Mary Whisner (Washington Law Library), The Buzz about Blawgs

Wei Zhang (Peking Management), Politics of Medical Disputes in China