October 4, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops

Boston University

Leora Bilsky (Tel Aviv Law), “Speaking Through The Mask”: Israeli Arabs and the Changing Faces of Israeli Citizenship


George Conk (Brooklyn Law), A New Tort Code Emerges


William Simon (Columbia Law), The Market for Bad Legal Advice: Academic Professional Responsibility Consulting as an Example

Columbia Tax Colloquium

David Weisbach (Chicago Law), A Welfarist Approach to Disabilities

Florida State

Daniel Rodriguez (Texas Law), State Constitutionalism and the Scope of Judicial Review


Louis M. Seidman (Georgetown Law), Book Panel on Silence and Freedom with commentary by Professors Seidman, Sanford Levinson (Texas Law), and Lawrence Solum (Illinois Law)


Sharon Davies (Ohio State Law), The Killing of Father James E. Coyle–A Search for Justice in 1921 Birmingham, Alabama

Michigan State

Edward Cheng (Brooklyn Law), The Clinical-Statistical Controversy in Law

Minnesota Public Law

Richard Banks (Stanford Law), Race Consciousness, Color Blindness and Antidiscrimination Doctrine

NYU Legal, Political and Social Philosophy

Leslie Greene (Oxford Law), Being Tolerated

Ohio Northern

Susan Rose-Ackerman (Yale Law), Corruption and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

Ohio State

Edward Lee (Ohio State Law), Freedom of the Press 2.0


Jim Gibson (Richmond Law), Reasonableness

Saint Louis

Childress Lecture Faculty Colloquium


Jenia Turner (SMU Law), Defense Perspectives on the Tension Between Politics and Law in International Criminal Trials


Lori Ringhand (Kentucky Law), “I’m Sorry, I Can’t Answer That”: Positive Scholarship and the Supreme Court Confirmation Process


Michael Hunter Schwartz (Washburn Law), How the Best Law Teachers Plan Their Classes

Yale Legal Theory Workshop

William Galston (Maryland Public Policy), Realism in Political Theory