October 3, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago-Kent Legal History

Bonnie Honig (Northwestern Law), Antigone’s Anachronism: Homeric Mourning in Democratic Athens


Anthony Bradley (Edinburgh Law), The Wildest Law-Making Powers Appropriate to a Sovereign: Reflections on Removal of the Chagos Islanders to make way for the U.S. base on Diego Garcia


Dan Burk (Minnesota Law)


Aaron Rappaport (Hastings Law), How Not to Do Legal Philosophy Or, The Many Confusions of Conceptual Analysis in the Law


Dan Markel (Florida State Law), On Retributive Damages

NYU Legal History

Christopher Beauchamp (Cambridge PhD), Who Invented the Telephone? The Business and Politics of Patent Litigation in the Late Nineteenth Century


Matthew Cooper, My Adventures in the CIA Leak Case


Carol S. Bruch (UC Davis Law), The Use and Misuse of Social Science Data

Queen’s Law

Honourable Mr. Justice David Doherty (Ontario Court of Appeal), What is a Miscarriage of Justice?