September 20, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Jay Kesan (Illinois Law)

Boston University

Keith Hylton (Boston Law)

Columbia Tax Policy

 Louis Kaplow (Harvard), Taxation and Social Security

Florida State

Paul Robinson (UPenn Law), What Distributive Principles Should Guide Punishment?


Sasha Volokh (Georgetown Law), Choosing Interpretive Methods: A Positive Theory of Judges and Everyone Else

Minnesota Public Law

Barry Feld (Minnesota Law), A Slower Form of Death

Northwestern University Law and Economics

Daniel E. Ho (Stanford Law), Congressional Agency Control: The Impact of Statutory Partisan Requirements on Regulations

Northern Kentucky University

Michael Hunter Schwartz (Washburn Law), Teaching and Learning Colloquium

NYU Legal, Political, and Social Philosophy

Loren Lomasky (Virginia Philosophy), Liberalism Beyond Borders


Walking the Line in the 21st Century Workplace: How to Balance Rights, Responsibilities & Interests


Jeffrey A. Gaba (SMU Law), Rifleshot Legislative Amendments: A Proposal to Correct Legislative Errors


Doug Branson (Pitt Law), No Seat at the Table: How Corporate Governance and the Law Keep Women Out of the Boardroom


Ariel Porat (Tel Aviv Law), Offsetting Risks

Yale Legal Theory

Scott Shapiro (Michigan Law), Paper