September 11, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


David Luban (Georgetown), On the Commander-in-Chief Power


Chad Oldfather (Marquette Law), A Consequentialist Analysis of Universal De Novo Review

NYU Law, Economics, and Politics

Maggie Penn (Harverd University-Government), The Possibility of Statehood

Ohio State University

Susan A. Bandes (DePaul Law), Victims, “Closure,” and the Sociology of Emotion


Elena Baylis (Pitt Law), Early Adopters: Congolese Military Courts and the International Criminal Court Statute

Pittsburgh Center for Bioethics and Health Law

Robert Nachtigall (UCSF), The Disposition Decision: How Post-IVF Couples Decide What to Do with Their Surplus Frozen Embryos


Dale A. Carpenter (Minnesota Law), Traditionalism and Gay Marriage

UCLA Law, Economics, and Organizations

Ed McCaffery (USC Law), Explorations in the Theory of Optimal Consumption Taxes