CFP: COVID-19 Infodemic – Between Law, Ethics and Fake News

Two special issues of International Journal for the Semiotics of Law and a special issue of Comparative Legilinguistics will be dedicated to Infodemic – Between Law, Ethics and Fake News.

The 2020 pandemic of Covid-19 virus struck the globalized world unexpectedly, resulting in the misleading predictions of fatalities information chaos and fake news. Aware of the consequential impact of distortions and half-truths, the World Health Organization stresses that societies suffer not only as a direct result of disease, social-distancing but also over-abundance of information that makes it hard for people to find trustworthy sources and reliable guidance. The spread of rumors and misinformation has been possible also due to the prevalence of distance communication methods which enable publication of anything without
any limits or peer review as verification. Such pieces of news, if skillfully posted, may reach enormous numbers of people causing harm and unpredictable consequences.

Abstracts are due December 10, 2021. Submissions may be in English or French and should be sent to,, and

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Library Technology Specialist, West Virginia University College of Law