Webinar: Net Neutrality & Public Safety – Promoting Safety of Life and Property Through the Open Internet

Santa Clara University School of Law

Santa Clara University School of Law

This free one-hour Webinar hosted by Santa Clara University (SCU) School of Law’s High Tech Law Institute examines the importance of net neutrality to public safety. The webinar features SCU Law Professors Catherine Sandoval and Allen S. Hammond, IV, whose comments to the FCC and Amicus Brief in Mozilla v. FCC challenged the FCC’s 2018 repeal of net neutrality for failure to consider the public safety consequences of its decision. The D.C. Circuit cited the comments of Professor Sandoval, the California Public Utilities Commission, Santa Clara County, and others who raised public safety concerns about net neutrality repeal to order the FCC to examine public safety issues its 2018 repeal decision ignored. This webinar is timely as the FCC requests comments by March 30 and reply comments by April 29 on the D.C. Circuit’s public safety net neutrality repeal remand.

This webinar is important to anyone relying on the Internet as a Coronavirus containment strategy, to all who use the Internet daily, and to those interested in communications, health, education, utility, and public safety law and policy. Cyber-strategies to limit Coronavirus contagion rest on the Internet for remote work, study, and to access services. The open Internet is the linchpin of Coronavirus mitigation strategies and is critical to public health and safety.

Santa Clara University School of Law invites you to join us for this timely and important Webinar.

Please join the Webinar by clicking on the Zoom Meeting Link below on March 25 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific (participants can join by 10:45 a.m. Pacific on March 25) or by using the Zoom Meeting Id: 372 379 095

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