Wallace Stegner Center 25th Annual Symposium: Food Security – Salt Lake City, UT


The Wallace Stegner Center’s 25th annual symposium will be held March 19-20 at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law. The theme of the symposium is: “Food and the Environment: Resilient and Equitable Food Security for the West.”

The Symposium will focus on the connections between food and the environment through two lenses. First, it will examine issues regarding and means of promoting the simultaneous resilience of both food supplies and native ecosystems, such as by examining the intersections of food production and water supplies. Second, it will explore emerging and evolving ways to ensure equitable access to appropriate food ways for diverse western communities (e.g., ranching communities, tribes), including innovative approaches to making healthy food available to all residents along the Wasatch Front.

Additional information including symposium agenda and registration is available on the website.

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