March 13, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


George Fletcher (Columbia Law), CORRECTING EVIL Tort Liability for Human Rights Abuses


Jae Lee (Fordham Law), Recidivism as Omission: A Relational Account


Mary Anne Case (Chicago Law), Feminist Fundamentalism

Georgia State

James Fleming (Boston University Law), Are We All Originalists Now? I Hope Not!


Jennifer Gerarda Brown (Quinnipiac Law), Peacemaking in the Culture War Between Gay Rights and Religious Liberty

Harvard Legal History

Hendrik Hartog (Princeton), Planning for Old Age

Michigan Law & Economics

Mark Ramseyer (Harvard Law), Talent and Expertise under Universal Health Care Insurance: The Case of Cosmetic Surgery in Japan

Minnesota Faculty Works

Miranda McGowan (San Diego Law)

NYU Tax Policy & Public Finance

Ruth Mason (UConn Law), Made in America for European Taxation: The Internal Consistency Test

Northwestern Tax

Larry Zelenak (Duke Law), The Federal Retail Sales Tax that Wasn’t: An Actual History and an Alternative History

Stanford Law & Economics

Abraham Wickelgren (Northwestern Law) & Warren Schwartz (Georgetown Law), Credible Discovery, Settlement, and Negative Expected Value Suits

Toronto Health Law

Jill Horwitz (Michigan Law), What do Nonprofits Maximize? Nonprofit Hospital Service Provision and Market Ownership Mix


Sanford Levinson (Texas Law)

Yale Legal Theory

W. Bradley Wendel (Cornell Law), Government Lawyers in the Liberal State