October 22, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Jeannie Suk (Harvard Law), At Home in the Law

California Hastings

Chimene Keitner (Cal-Hastings), Conceptualizing Complicity in Alien Tort Litigation

Chicago Law and Philosophy

Cass Sunstein (Chicago Law)

Columbia Law and Economics

K.J. Martijn Cremers (Yale Management), CEO Centrality

Duke International and Comparative Law

Judge Theodor Meron (NYU Law), Challenges of Impunity


Alice Ristroph (Utah Law), The Dog’s Distinction: State Intentions and the Regulation of Violence

Loyola Tax Policy

David Hasen (Michigan Law), The Proper Treatment of Loan Proceeds Under an Income Tax and Under a Consumption Tax

Michigan International Law

H.E. Judge Bruno Simma (Michigan Law), The Genocide Case (Bosnia Herzegovina v. Serbia) before the ICJ

Seton Hall

Orin Kerr (George Washington Law), A Defense of the Third-Party Doctrine in Fourth Amendment Law

St. John’s

Anita S. Krishnakumar (St. John’s Law), Representation-Reinforcement and the Court-Congress Dialogue


David Super (Maryland Law), BLOWN AWAY: Hurricane Katrina and the Collapse of the Procedural Model of Anti-Poverty Law

Texas Human Rights

Valentine Moghadam (Purdue Sociology), Globalization, States, and Social Rights: Negotiating Women’s Economic Citizenship in the Maghreb

UCLA Faculty Mondays

Tim Canova (Chapman Law), The Federal Reserve and Constitutional Moments Lost


Margaret Blair (Vanderbilt Law), The Roles of Standardization, Certification and Assurance Services in Global Commerce

Virginia Law and Economics

Tonja Jacobi (Northwestern Law) and Matthew Sag (DePaul Law), The Effect of Judicial Ideology in Intellectual Property Cases


Kuk Cho (Seoul National University Law), Critical Controversies in Korean Criminal Law

Washington Public Service

John Teton (International Food Security Treaty Campaign)

Washington University in St. Louis

Alexandra Lahav (UConn Law), Bellwether Trials