September 6, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops

Boston University

David Seipp (Boston Law), Formalism and Realism in Fifteenth-Century English Law: Bodies Corporate and Natural


Frederick Shauer (Harvard Law), Authority and Authorities

Florida State

Kristin Hickman (Minnesota Law), A Problem of Remedy: Responding to Treasury’s (Lack of) Adherence to Administrative Procedure Act Rulemaking Requirements


Mark Tushnet (Harvard Law), The Rights Revolution in the Twentieth Century


Robert Tsai (Oregon Law)

New York University Law Legal, Political, and Social Philosophy

Mark Kelman (Stanford Law), The Heuristics Debate: Its Nature and Implications (Overview)

Yale Law and Economics

Raj Chetty (UC Berkeley Economics), Economics Silence and Taxation: Theory and Evidence

Yale Law Legal Theory Workshop

Bo Rothstein (Goteborg University), Creating State Legitimacy